Destin, Florida: Best Times to Visit by Season

Are you considering Destin, Florida for an upcoming vacation? There’s no doubt that Destin, and nearby Miramar Beach, are popular destinations for Florida vacationers. The area offers sparkling emerald green waters, pristine sugar-sanded beaches, a plethora of water activities, delicious dining, festivals, premier shopping, and more!

With so much to offer, accommodations in this area are plentiful. In fact, a recent Airbnb Survey announced that Walton County, Florida is the #1 summer hotspot for vacationers on the platform, and we couldn’t agree more! Here are 5 Amazing Destin-Area Beach Rentals we love!

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You may be wondering when the best time of year is to visit Destin, Florida. And the answer to this is dependent on you! To make the best decision, you’ll want to consider things like crowds, prices, available activities, and weather.

Below, we’ve put together a seasonal breakdown of Destin, so that you can plan the perfect vacation for your priorities and needs.

Spring in Destin, Florida

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When: Mid-February through Mid-March
Crowds: Combination of busy and slow
Weather: Nice with occasional chilly days. Temps ranging from the upper 40s (in earlier months) to the low 80s
Visitors: Families and college students (Spring Breakers)
Prices: Moderate to High

Beach days in the spring typically rely on the sun being out, as overcast days can still feel too chilly to enjoy the water. That being said, if you are not bothered by cooler temps, then springtime might be ideal for you. The weather at this time of year is enjoyable when compared to the sweltering summer temperatures.

Crowd levels fluctuate during this time of year. College students begin to roll in late February through early April. There is also an influx of vacationing families due to school spring break holidays.

Activities are abundant and family-centered during the spring months. Plus fishing charters, tours, and water activities that were closed through winter reopen in the spring.

Spring Activity Ideas:

  • Go Bike Riding
  • Enjoy Live Music
  • Take Sandcastle Lessons
  • Rent a Boat or Jet Ski
  • Go Fishing
  • Shopping
  • Enjoy a sunset cruise
  • Visit an indoor arcade, laser tag, or escape room

Summer in Destin, Florida

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When: Mid-May through Mid-August
Crowds: Busy
Weather: Hot with brief rainfalls and occasional thunderstorms. Temps ranging from the upper 60s to low 90s
Visitors: Families
Prices: Highest

If your idea of a perfect beach vacation consists of a jam-packed itinerary of fun activities and hot sunny beach days, summer is the perfect time to visit Destin. That is, of course, if you are not deterred by crowds of people. Summer is the peak season for tourism in Destin, so plan accordingly.

During the summer months, Destin also sees its maximum rainfall. The rainy season typically consists of short afternoon showers that are many times welcomed, to combat the heat. Rain showers typically don’t last long and therefore shouldn’t affect outings or activities.

Summer Activity Ideas:

  • Try fun water sport activities, like parasailing
  • Visit Crab Island
  • Be amazed by weekly firework shows
  • Go shopping
  • Enjoy Movies on the Lawn events
  • Try a pirate show or pirate ship excursion
  • Take a banana boat ride

Fall in Destin, Florida

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When: Mid-August through Mid-November
Crowds: Moderate
Weather: Hot and humid but gradually cooling off. Temps ranging from the low 90s down to the mid-50s (in November)
Visitors: Adults, Couples, Families (on fall break), Locals
Prices: Moderate

Fall is a great time of year to visit Destin if you want to take advantage of higher temperatures and fewer people. Prices begin to drop in August, and you can expect cheaper rates than summer, but still slightly higher than winter. 

While at first glance it may seem like fall is the best time of year to visit, there are a couple of things to consider that may sway your decision. When the Gulf waters reach their warmest temperatures, hurricane season is at its peak, which is typically in the fall months.

This is something to definitely consider when booking reservations to avoid losing money in the event of a weather emergency. Talk to your host about weather-related events and/or purchase insurance to help cover costs in case of cancellation.

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The other thing to consider about visiting Destin in the fall is the increased presence of jellyfish and stingrays in the months of August and September. They’re not always a major issue, but they are more prominent along the beach during these two months of the year.

Activities and events in the fall are aimed more toward adults than in summer and spring months. This can be a nice change and therefore attracts more couples, locals, and adults.

Fall Activity Ideas:

Winter in Destin, Florida

destin winter sunset

When: Mid-November through Mid-February
Crowds: Low
Weather: Varies- sometimes chilly, sometimes sunny. Temps ranging from the low 70s down to the upper-40s
Visitors: Adults, Snowbirds
Prices: Low

Destin is an attractive location for snowbirds, or for anyone looking to escape harsh winter temperatures. Prices are at their lowest in the winter as are the crowds. If you desire a slower-paced, more relaxing vacation, winter is the time to visit.

Boat tours, watersports, and even some restaurants will close during this slower time of year. To counter the loss of paid activities, mother nature makes up for it with the best sunrises and sunsets of the year.

There is an uptick in tourism around mid-December through the first week of January, due to schools being out on Christmas vacation.

Winter Activity Ideas:

  • Enjoy stunning sunsets and sunrises
  • Go for quiet walks along the beach
  • Have a beach bonfire (in permitted areas)
  • Go shopping
  • Go fishing (limited schedule)
  • Try parasailing (limited schedule)
  • Go on a dolphin cruise (limited schedule)
  • Attend holiday events
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Where to Stay in Destin, Florida

For an epic vacation, you’ll want to choose accommodations that are close to the water and conveniently located near restaurants, shopping, and other activities. The busier seasons not only bring more people but also more traffic. And nothing is worse than being stuck in traffic, when you’re supposed to be out enjoying the sun and waves.

We have a variety of beautiful beach vacation rentals in Destin and Miramar Beach, waiting to be booked! Most of our rentals are within walking distance to the sugar-sanded beaches, and just a few short minutes from dining and main attractions. With all rentals, we provide a free beach cart, beach chairs, and umbrella, that you can bring down to the water (a $50 daily savings).

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