7 Reasons To Own A Vacation Rental in Destin

If you’re interested in expanding your real estate portfolio by adding short term vacation rentals to the mix, look no further than Destin, Florida. Vacation rentals in this dreamy beach town produce high revenue, appreciate in value, and attract vacationers year after year. Below, we’re sharing 7 reasons to own a vacation rental in Destin, Florida.

This beach-side hot spot receives millions of visitors each year, thanks to its powder-white beaches, warm temperatures, and sparkling emerald green waters. Destin’s proximity to nearby shopping, dining, access to resort-style amenities, and fun water activities, makes it a haven for people of all ages.

parasailing in Destin, Florida, USA.

Vacation Capital

With over 4.5 million people visiting Florida’s Emerald Coast each year for vacation, Destin alone receives roughly 80% of those visitors, according to Florida’s Dept. of Environmental Protection. That’s roughly 3.6 million vacationers every year, just in Destin! This annual influx of visitors makes Destin (and nearby Miramar Beach), a very lucrative place to own a vacation home.

Travel and Leisure magazine announced this year that Destin, Florida was the #1 US Summer Hotspot on Airbnb. Vacation rentals in this area are in high- demand which means your vacation rental property will most likely stay busy and appreciate in value year over year.

Good Weather Year-Round

The Sunshine State of Florida is known for having warm, pleasant weather all year long. This means that summer is not the only time that vacation homeowners experience bookings. Florida’s mild winters attract more than 3.5 million Snowbirds each year, just from Canada!

Additionally, Destin and Miramar Beach can expect a variety of visitors throughout the entire year, based on the differences each season has to offer. Many visitors plan their trip to Destin by season, taking into consideration crowds, prices, weather, and available activities. As a Destin vacation homeowner, it’s possible to keep your booking calendar full throughout the entire year!

Deep sea fishing in Destin, Florida, USA

World’s Luckiest Fishing Village

Your vacation rental in Destin, Florida won’t just attract beachgoers and sunbathers. Destin is known as the ‘World’s Luckiest Fishing Village’ and is home to one of the largest commercial and charter fishing fleets in the world. Many people flock to this part of Florida’s coastline for some of the best fishing on the planet.

Plentiful Attractions

When you’re looking to invest in a vacation home that will attract a steady stream of renters, location is everything! Aside from the pristine beaches and warm weather, Destin and Miramar Beach have an abundance of attractions to keep people entertained and returning for years to come.

Destin vacationers can enjoy nearby shopping at upscale outlets like Silver Sands Outlets and Destin Commons. Beach activities and sports such as parasailing, snorkeling, and going on sunset dolphin cruises, are all readily available in season. Additionally, there are golf courses, tennis courts, and hiking and biking trails, to help keep your guests entertained year-round.

Emerald Beach in Destin, Florida, USA

Amazing Beaches

The Emerald Coast of Florida boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The iconic white sand (formed from Appalachian Quartz), paired with the enchanting emerald green waters of the Gulf of Mexico, create breathtaking views for miles and miles. Magical sunrises and sunsets over the Gulf can be seen throughout a good portion of the year, too.

Because there is access to multiple beaches in the Destin-area, vacationers can plan to spend time beach hopping until they find the perfect one. Here are 5 of our favorite Destin beaches to check out. These gorgeous beaches continuously attract visitors, no matter what time of year.

Home Away From Home

Investing in a vacation rental home in Destin means you will always have a beach home to escape to (between bookings). Need to get away for a month? Just block your booking calendar, and go enjoy your own vacation home!

Investing in something tangible, like a dreamy beach home, is easier to get excited about when compared to investing in stocks. This is especially true when you can use the vacation home as often as you need.

Lounging in on the beach in Destin, Florida, USA

Stress-Free Vacation Home Management

Are you ready to have a passive income deposited into your bank account with little to no effort? This is, perhaps, one of the best reasons to own a vacation rental in Destin, Florida. By hiring a professional management team, like JNL Smart Realty, you have the freedom to focus on your life, while effortlessly earning income in the background.

At JNL Smart Realty, we take care of everything, from locating the perfect income-producing property (and getting the best deal for you) and renovating it, to marketing your new vacation rental and keeping your booking calendar full! We’ll take care of your guests throughout their entire stay, leaving your vacation rental with amazing reviews! Contact us today for more information about our property management services and investment opportunities.

Not ready to invest yet? No problem! We invite you to experience our amazing vacation rentals on the Emerald Coast! With just one stay, you’ll see first-hand how magical Destin vacations are!

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